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CSR Advisory - Key Projects

Project Name: Assessment of CSR Initiatives by Hindustan Zinc
Client: Hindustan Zinc Limited

Taru conducted the Assessment of CSR Initiatives by Hindustan Zinc Limited in the mining area of Matoon (Udaipur). With the CSR activities in the villages around the Matoon operational area initiated in 2009, this assessment study focused on what was done under the various CSR initiatives and study of interventions, what was envisioned and the impact of the same, community feedback and relevant aspects as to what they need and require and lastly, if the efforts by the organization were in line with their vision. This study also provided Hindustan Zinc forward with a strategic roadmap along with recommendations, course correction and next steps.

Project Name: Market Assessment of Allied Healthcare and Digital Technologies in Pune
Client: Tech Mahindra Foundation

Taru has undertaken a landscape and Market Assessment for Tech Mahindra Foundation’s SMART Academy and SMART Center in Pune in the areas of Allied Healthcare and Digital Technologies.

Project Name: Impact Evaluation and Assessment Study of Coca Cola India’s Support My School Campaign
Client: Charities Aid Foundation-Coca Cola India

Taru has undertaken the India Impact Evaluation and Assessment Study of Coca Cola India’s Support My School Campaign for Charities Aid Foundation. The study spanned across India and covered 141 schools in 14 states. The objective was to assess the quantitative and qualitative impact of the campaign, the effectiveness and impact of various interventions undertaken, ascertain the current status of interventions and future scope of sustainability along with study of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, gaps, issues and challenges involved in the campaign. It also involves the assessment of Impact, Infrastructure, Finance and monitoring (utilisation of funds and deployment), Resource Mobilization, Innovation and Best Practice, identify and document case studies and overall Sustainability.

Project Name: Impact Assessment of “Swacch Vidyalaya, Swacch Aadat” Project
Client: NSE Foundation

Taru has undertaken an Impact Assessment of NSE Foundation’s WASH project “Swacch Vidyalaya, Swacch Aadat” Project for Dumka and Pakur Districts of Jharkhand