About Taru Leading Edge

About Taru Leading Edge

Taru Leading Edge is a leading development advisory and think tank delivering innovative transformative solutions and insights in the development space. Incorporated as a private limited company, Taru's mission is to `bridge the Science-Institutions-Society interface with a core agenda of providing transformative solutions to the development challenges'.

Established in 1996 by eminent development professionals, it caters to a diverse range of bilateral and multi-lateral agencies, government departments, corporate and development organizations through research, technology, solution innovations and implementation support.


Taru’s Core values

Creativity and innovation by using multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills and technology to step beyond simple interpretation and build strategies and provide optimal solutions

Excellence with results through our professional commitment to quality, accuracy, and impact.

Collaboration and building ownership through our work in different practices, across different geographies and multi-dimensional stakeholders.

Positive Transformation is the ultimate aim to help the stakeholders towards better society, economies, institutions and planet.


Taru’s Uniqueness

Taru brings to the fore, a professional commitment to quality, accuracy and efficiency in consulting and think-tank services. Our team of professionals comes with an extensive national and international experience along with a network of advisors, consultants and partner institutions from India, South Asia, Europe and the United States of America. We also have alliances with Indian research, management and training institutions and NGOs to enable us deliver effectively and with expertise. Our philosophy is based on our commitment and approach to use innovative tools, multi-disciplinary knowledge, technologies and skills that enable us to step beyond simple interpretation and integrate solutions to build strategies and catalyzing results for our clients.

Taru thinks ahead helped by its future-readiness, innovations and ideas that not only make us unique but also our clients in their operations with cutting edge insights.


Taru’s Approach

The approach at Taru revolves around creating effective optimal solutions that enables sustainable impacts through interventions that begin with investing in learning and reflecting. This helps us and our clients move towards informed actions improving the implementation and performance of the programmes and business. Our work enables constant growth across scales, through delivery of excellence with results aptly supported by our professional commitment to quality and accuracy. Taru constantly adapts along with the changing scenario of the world, ambitions of our governments and the needs of our growing society and communities for a better quality of life.

As we translate our work and strategy into policy recommendations we continue to focus on our vision of being a leading development advisory and think tank.