• Exploring Innovation in DRR
    • End to End Early Warning Systems for Urban floods
    • Disease Surveillance and Response Systems
    • Web-based Tool-Kit for Hazard Vulnerability Risk Analysis
    • Handbook for cool roof and passive ventilation for building thermal comfort
    • Institutionalizing urban early warning systems
Disaster Risk & Resilience

Disaster Risk & Resileince 

We at Taru are optimistic that disaster reduction is possible through better risk communication, informed planning, resilient infrastructure development and functional early warning system. Over the last decade, Taru has been working on several inventions at different scales to surface risk and make information available to government departments, academic institutions, private sector and vulnerable people.

Our cutting edge work on vulnerability and risk assessment, mitigation planning and reconstruction protects and resurrects lives, property, critical infrastructure and business among the most vulnerable locations on the planet.

Two decades of disaster related work now inform our growing climate change work. Our hands-on assessment of major earthquakes, floods, cyclones, landslides, forest fires, urban heat islands and disease outbreaks has fostered our extensive experience in assessing social and economic vulnerability of rural and urban populace. We have developed vulnerability curves for buildings and infrastructural damages due to various disasters.

Our studies have been extensively referred and used for deciding quantum of relief packages by the government and donor-funded interventions.

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