• Exploring Innovation in Climate Change
    • Climate and Sustainability Planning
    • Hazard, Vulnerability, Risk Assessment
    • Thermal comfort
    • Climate Change Risk and Adaptation for Cities
    • Water-positive Habitats 
    • Digital Adoption
    • Zero carbon emission  
Climate and Sustainability

Climate and Sustainbility 

Climate change is one of the serious issues impacting our world today. Taru works to build an equitable world, promoting climate-sensitive development, climate-based adaptation and net-zero emissions. Over the years, there has been a shift in climate understanding and discourse. These shifts are most notable around ethics, understanding of climate impacts, linkages to energy transition and sustainability, carbon sequestration and forest policy.

Taru has been engaged in studying various global circulation models and regional climate models, understanding the climate change scenarios and their impacts. The climate-sensitive strategies and action plans developed by Taru for different sectors, geographies, and cities to achieve sustainable development have significantly contributed to climate sector. The implications of alternative energy choices for local environmental outcomes concerning air quality, health, land use, water, natural resources, and biodiversity, as well as for social sustainability, including the provision of livelihoods, housing and migration, and income distribution, are emergent research and solution agenda of Taru. 

Taru, in partnership with several research communities governmental non-governmental organization is engaged in developing climate resilient solutions for future challenges. We have developed climate change and sustainability policies, action plans, and solutions for 25+ cities in India by collating with state and local governments.

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