• Exploring Innovations in Urban
    • Master Planning of Urban Services
    • Utility Transformation
    • Service Delivery Models
    • Planning Resilient and Sustainable Cities
    • Citizen-centric Smart Models
    • Urban Resource Optimization
    • Sustainable and Safe Buildings
Urban Resilience & Management

Urban Resilience & Management 

Within evolving urban space, Taru has been working in urban services and utilities space through various evidence building activities, program implementation, policy development, monitoring, communication and advocacy. Our policy and regulatory assessments, strategic reviews of development partner-supported initiatives, and city infrastructure investment planning exercises, have consistently reflected concerning issues and opportunities in urban and have been successfully integrated into larger urban governance and planning.

Taru has covered many sectors and utilities within urban space including energy, transport, health, education, environment, water and sanitation, urban natural resources, governance, housing, culture, heritage, city economy, etc. For example, Taru has prepared Urban Services Master Plans, Scenario Development and Design of Sustainable Cities (Goa), Para-Transit System in Indore, Assessment of Madhya Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor; Evaluation of Quick Slum Surveys for Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor, Review of Andhra Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor, Impact Assessment of Pilot Investments under Haryana Power Sector Reform, Review of Municipal Reform and Urban Poverty Eradication in Orissa, among others.

Taru has also contributed to various evidence building projects and policy recommendations by undertaking innovative projects such as study on urban lake restoration, promotion of cool roofing in urban buildings, implementation of innovative projects on urban services monitoring system, demonstration of cost-effective, reliable, decentralized urban water management, public sanitation, etc.

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