• Exploring Innovations in Health, Wellness and Nutrition
    • Urban Services Monitoring System
    • Mobile based Disease Surveillance
    • Measuring Public Health and Road Safety Benefits
    • Dynamics and Structure of Private Health Care
    • Integrating climate disasters with health and nutrition
Health, Wellness and Nutrition

Health, Wellness and Nutrition

Health is more than simply being disease free. At Taru, we believe it is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining the highest level of wellness within an individual. Over the last two decades Taru is committed to improve health, wellness and nutrition of communities through various evidence building activities, research, program implementation, policy development, disease surveillance, monitoring, communication and advocacy.

In the recent years, we have conceptualized and developed Urban Services Monitoring System (UrSMS) and established Urban Health and Climate Resilience Centre (UHCRC) as a part of ACCCRN, developed a training module on urban water, sanitation and hygiene promotion for USAID’s Health for Urban Poor programme. Based on experience drawn from UrSMS we have established an integrated vector and water-borne disease surveillance and response systems. Taru has also contributed to policy recommendations by undertaking unique researches such as study on measuring public health and road safety benefits of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), HIV/ AIDS budget tracking study in Andhra Pradesh (AP), Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (TN), Study on Dynamics and Structure of Private Health Care in Madhya Pradesh, study on integrating climate disasters with health and nutrition in Bihar. At Taru we are also working closely with various national and international partners to build a climate and health alliance to amplify the attention of the health sector in India on this most challenging issue. Understanding Climate and Health Association in India (UCHAI) network is one of our initiatives towards bringing in multidisciplinary professionals on the same platform for climate proofing of health sector in India.

Key areas of intervention within health, wellness and nutrition sector are: Vulnerability assessments, disease surveillance, RMNCH+A, malnutrition & hidden hunger, health systems reform, monitoring & evaluation, communicable diseases like TB; diarrheal diseases; vector borne diseases; HIV/AIDS, non-communicable diseases, mental health, geriatric health, occupational health, tobacco control, palliative care, universal healthcare, health financing, mhealth & healthcare IT, health communications, health insurance, integrated health systems, etc.

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