• Creating cutting edge space in livelihoods and poverty reduction
    • Livelihoods diversification strategies
    • Climate resilient livelihood
    • ICT driven agriculture system
    • Innovative value chain interventions
    • Policy and institutional reform measures
Livelihood and Entrepreneurship

Livelihood and Entrepreneurship

Taru brings over two decades of pro-poor development programme engagement through livelihood and entrepreneurship that analyses sources and constituents of current growth, the role of the informal sector and the livelihood options available to the poor and identifies priority interventions, policy, and institutional reform measures to ensure positive impact on the poor by creating investment incentives and improve access to services and markets.

The sector support bilateral/multilateral/GoI/Private partners in productivity enhancements, livelihoods diversification strategies, creating alternative income-generating activities, market linkages through value chain interventions and impact assessment of livelihood initiatives. We assist livelihood programme in strengthening farm, off- farm, non-farm, livelihood linked skill development and institutional building through process monitoring engagement in states.

We undertake baseline studies, thematic reviews, monitoring and evaluations, process monitoring and end-line project evaluation. Our livelihoods and entrepreneurship assignments have been appreciated for robust research design, balance of quantitative- qualitative approaches, multi-stakeholder engagement, in-depth investigation, and accent on learning and constructive engagement with communities as well as other stakeholders and service providers. Recognizing climate vagaries pose immense challenge to both sustainable livelihoods and economic development, we assess the impact of climate variability on rural livelihood with particular focus on agriculture production, food security and adaptive capacities of rural households.

We support organization to build climate resilient livelihood strategies in programme planning and implementation through ICT driven agriculture system combine with drought proofing adaptive agriculture practices to mitigate climate challenges in rural livelihood economy.

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