• Creating cutting edge space in financial inclusion
    • SHG-Bank linkage programme
    • Rating tools and graduation indicators for Self Help Groups
    • Financial literacy
    • Insurance for poor
    • Inclusive payment systems
    • Micro-enterprise
About Financial Inclusion Sector

About Financial Inclusion Sector

Our focus area in this sector is towards making financial inclusion as an important tool for livelihood improvements. We believe that livelihood and vulnerability reduction are key to attain financial inclusion otherwise it may lead to financial instability for the poor households.

Taru has long experience of working with community based micro finance which focuses on SHG-Bank linkage programme considered to be most effective intervention in financial inclusion for targeting the poorest of the poor households. Our focus area in this sector is towards increasing sustainability of community institutions by ensuring process audit and compliance.

We have developed digitalized tools for tracking operational efficiency and financial sustainability, also the rating tools and graduation indicators for SHGs and Upper Level Federations. Financial literacy is the other focus area where we work especially in capacity building of community, community leaders, cadre and community professionals and staffs working in this area. We also work in insurance sector with focus on life and general insurance targeting bottom of pyramid segments.

Another focus area of our interventions is supporting organizations/agencies working in financial inclusion domain to integrate their activities with livelihood promotion and micro enterprise by preparing the business plan for producer groups and federations.

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