Expertise and Services in Evidence Building

Enabling technology based solutions and providing expert analysis

Expertise and Services in Evidence Building

We undertake technical assistance for survey, research, impact assessment, term evaluations, process monitoring and socio-economic research across sectors and regions for a range of clients. These vary from large sample, multi-state reviews to focused strategic and thematic assessments with robust design, balance of quantitative-qualitative approaches, multi-stakeholder engagement, in-depth investigation and an accent on learning and constructive engagement.

As our core expertise we optimally apply technology in enabling risk mapping through GIS, baseline studies, ratings and benchmarking, monitoring, action research, and data visualization.

Our expertise and services in evidence building includes 

  • Research and Survey
  • Baseline
  • Impact Assessment
  • Process and Concurrent Monitoring
  • Term Evaluations
  • Data Visualization/ Infographics
  • GIS mapping
  • Action Research
  • Rating and Benchmarking