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CSR Advisory

CSR Advisory

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is paramount to how an organisation demonstrates its commitment to the common good and well-being of its internal and external stakeholders including the community and society in which it operates, through its actions and the use of responsible and sustainable business practices. This also incorporates the adoption of a vast array of business processes and strategies that yield significant amount of social, economic and environmental impact (triple bottom line) thus leading to overall development of the society.

Taru believes in empowering organizations to take informed and improved decisions based on their values, mission and business objectives to showcase strategic critical impact on the ground. Taru emphasizes that a robust social responsibility program does not solely rely on charity or philanthropy but needs to go beyond to include ‘shared value’ approach through social businesses and larger development efforts through policy engagement, sector building, research and scale program development, community involvement, partnerships and advocacy as part of its long term commitment to the society.

Taru offers a range of services in the CSR space namely; 

  • Advisory: Programme Design and Roadmaps, CSR Strategy Formulation, Partnership and Network Building, Due Diligence, Sustainability Reports, etc.
  • Insights: Research, Program Documentation, Scoping/Feasibility Studies
  • Evidence building: Monitoring & Evaluation, Impact Assessment, Review and Reporting
  • Institutional and Capacity building: Capacity Building, Institutional Strengthening, Training and Mentoring, Foundation Setup and Compliance, Facilitation of Governance
  • Programme Management: Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Grant Management

Taru has a unique approach towards CSR and conceptualized innovative and bespoke solutions with focus on overall life-cycle. Using its out-of-the-box thinking approach, Taru has created a solutions ecosystem and developed relevant projects and impact initiatives to demonstrate long term impact.

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